Why become a member? You might think it’s to make money, but for many of us it’s a way to give back to the future business community, to help build successful companies and to participate in the satisfaction that comes from this involvement. And we hope to make money, too. Membership in Angels UK is by invitation and is extended to individuals who share our vision and will actively contribute to our process.
Membership is FREE, however every new member is vetted prior to acceptance. You must be a sophisticated or a high-net-worth investor as defined by the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Financial Promotions) Order 2005


Regular members include: HNWs with business experience, Family Offices, Venture Funds and other experienced investors.

Simply apply to join us and say hello at our next 'Investors Summit'.

We have one investment criteria above all.

The super cleaver Angel Investors understand the best investments with the highest potential of returns are those that have a high technical risk and low market risk. Market risk causes companies to fail. In other words, you want companies that are highly likely to succeed if they can really deliver what they say they will.

Reduce capital risk by working with other investors to conduct your due diligence.

Membership Criteria

Unlike other Angel networks we operate UK wide, supporting the Founders to become 'Investment Ready' prior to pitching for funding. Membership is free to all accredited members.

See list below of membership requirements;

  • An accredited investor
  • Proven and has a track record managing and building successful companies either as an entrepreneur or operating executive
  • Experienced in angel investing, leading due diligence, structuring investments, and coaching entrepreneurs
  • Knowledgeable and brings an extensive peer network of domain expertise
  • Experienced in angel investing, leading due diligence, structuring investments, and coaching entrepreneurs
  • Connected with contacts for subsequent funding, talent and technology
  • Involved and dedicating significant time and effort to AngelsUK activities, including attendance at dinner meetings and screening sessions, mentoring entrepreneurs and serving on AngelsUK committees and panels
  • Investing in at least two AngelsUK startups each year. AngelsUK look for investment opportunities where new capital and mentoring will take companies to the next level. AngelsUK intends to materially increase company valuations to result in future capital rounds at increased values and ultimately an attractive exit of our investment.

Apply for Membership

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The Risks

Always remember, investing in early-stage companies is risky. Out of every 10 angel investments, investors experience five business failures and an additional three to four that will bring only a modest Return on Investment (ROI). Just one or two investments of out 10 provides most of the portfolio return on investment, with a 10-30X ROI.