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Child Angel

Business Stage
Investment Sought 200000
Investment raised so far 50000

After a significant development period and testing under our belt, ChildAngel contracted Intel and Bosch to develop market leading improvements and device learning to our stage one prototype. This has created two patents (pending) one for the strap alarm / alert system and one for the innovative hot-spot triangulation technology, to identify the accurate location of the wearer. The tracker watch is the only truely ‘Globally Connected’ childs tracker device. With ‘Intel Inside’ we have bolstered the reliability and security of the device, a major concern in the Oct 2017 NCC Report of smartwatches for children, whilst taking a leap forward in the technology compared to competitors in the market. The business will receive income from both the initial sale of the units plus ongoing e-sim fees.

The Intel® Quark SE sensor technology is a low-power-consumption chip meaning more activities and sensors can be monitored, whilst using less power and thus extending the battery life.

The sensors are also able to act like a Fitbit, monitoring biometric activity and with built in pattern recognition technology, the watch learns the child’s behaviour - essentially looking for unusual activity. Analysing the child’s routine, can create alerts.  All these alert sensors can be transferred to other markets such as pets and vulnerable adults. 

Child Angel has future proofed the watch and this allows for unprecedented expansion and upgrade possibilities.  With the support of Intel, Child Angel has already been exposed to key retailers in both the UK and US, who have shown significant interest in the product once market ready.

Investors have supported the initial development with an investment of £835k. The current funding round supports the final stages of product development, tooling and the initial go to market strategy. 

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