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AngelsUK is the investor of choice for entrepreneurs looking to raise funding.
If your company meets our investment criteria, in both stage and industry focus, and is seeking to raise from between £200,000 and £5,000,000, then we should talk. Are you ready to get started? To be considered for one of our workshops you must first apply for funding!
  • Meet the Angels Events

    Meet the Angels Events

    Face to Face meetings with Angels UK to assess your investment offer

  • Regular Pitch Events

    Regular Pitch Events

    Pitch to serious investors looking for outstanding investments opportunities

  • Workshops - Pitch Development

    Workshops - Pitch Development

    Pitch to serious investors looking for outstanding investments opportunities

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Angels UK Investor Panel Meetings

Application Process for Funding with Angels UK

Angels UK is a new platform designed to find compelling investment opportunities for our existing investor network.

Here is the process for applications for funding to Angels UK, the Angel Investment Network.

Stage One: Web Application

Angels UK do not accept direct pitches for investment via email. This is due to the volumes of investment decks we get sent and our sifting process.

  • Make you application online and make sure you are prepared with all the information at hand including your financial projections, investment deck or Investment Memorandum.
  • Be concise and to the point
  • Tell us why you're the best and are going to be as big as Google or Uber 
  • Understand our criteria for investment before applying. If you don't you'll immediately be rejected
  • Submit your details and be paitient, it can take up to 5 working days to review your applications

Stage Two: Reviewing your application for funding

Our initial sift will review your application, suitability for funding and if you meet our criteria

  • Initial manual sifting by an analyst
  • If selected you will be offered the following
    • A Face to Face meeting with our panel of investment professionals
    • A link to an 'Investment Readiness' profiling tool to benchmark and de-risk you investment opportunity (This is part of our scoring mechanism)
    • Placement on our platform and included to pitch at our 'Investors Summits'
  • Unsuccessful applications will be offered one of the following options:
    • Offered advice as to how to make it more 'Investment Ready'
    • Link provided to benchmark your business now and in the future once some improvements have been made
    • Passed on to one of our partners to assess if they can help with alternative funding solutions
    • Not for us but come back at a later date
    • Not commercially viable for our investors

Stage Three: Face 2 Face Presentation

  • Monthly Face 2 Face meetings 
  • 7 mins pitch presentation
  • 10 mins Q&A from the panel
  • 1 mins summary 
  • Be prepared to smash it and know your numbers

Stage Three: Accepted for Funding

  • If you are accepted, you will be place on our platform
  • Circulated to our partner networks
  • Angels identified with an interest in your type of business will be contacted 
  • Presentation at pitches to our investors at the Angels UK Investor Summits held throughout the UK


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Investment Criteria

You must be based in UK or looking to relocate to the UK
Amazing management team with impeccable integrity
Solution to a compelling global problem with large market
We're sector agnostic but will focus on future trends
Defending your corner
Defensible business model / tech / IP / Patents
Unfair Advantage
Sustainable competitive advantage
Some level of market validation
Future Funding
Ability to attract future funding
Credible exit potential
Ideally eligible for EIS/SEIS tax relief