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Funding Required: £500,000
Equity Offered: 20%

We've created a community betting platform for live streaming eSports; built by gamers for gamers. eSports is a Global Phenomenon and one of the fastest growing categories in online gambling.
Carl Helmer-Jenson


Revenue: I haven't made any money yet... still developing

Growth Stage:Pre Seed


The problem we're solving

Established betting companies currently face challenges appealing to the gamer market, and eSports can be relatively complex and difficult to understand for traditional gamblers.
In general, current platforms lack live data and relevant/timely expert content and commentary on players, teams, games, chat rooms, social connections etc. The average gamer interacts with their team and the social experience is key to creating an eSports community that keeps them coming back for more, something that is lacking currently.
eSports is more of a sideline and many operators don’t have live streams, community chat or information on the teams / players competing in games and so fail to engage their audience.
Not all platforms are equal; many are unable able to accept real money due to licensing and or jurisdictional issues and most run on third party white label software, so are inflexible.
A prevalence of unregulated actors operate from grey markets offering match and skin gambling, which are virtual items that can be won or purchased within certain video games to decorate and customise weapons. It’s estimated that over $10 billion is traded this way.
The Solution
The founders, Carl Helmer-Jensen and Mark Cole are eSports advocates and understand exactly what gamers want from their eSports experience. Mark has also spent most of his life involved in his family’s horse racing business so the betting market is in his DNA. Having secured a UK Gambling Commission licence, Dragoni set about developing a desktop platform and a cross platform mobile app with live streaming and betting facilities, which has already launched.
Dragoni’s target market is used to high-quality graphics, multitasking and handling a lot of information at one time. That’s why Dragoni is not only building a betting platform, but also a content rich, social online community, one that gamers already understand and are immersed in.
Dragoni is looking to raise £500k for 20% equity, to build out their team of experts and launch the marketing campaigns they require to scale. They look to implement a roadmap of social and community integrations together with engagement tools such as predictions, voting, polls, content, commentary delivery and catch-up services. Within 18 months, Dragoni will move to a hybrid revenue model with parimutuel and traditional betting options for players. Revenue is created from the profits from their own betting book and through taking a commission on bets won. The investment will allow Dragoni to reach their target of 2k+ subscribers by the end of year 1, building to an EBITDA of í28m by year 5. This will be achieved by online ads, reviews, product positioning, influencer marketing and by building a closer affinity to gamers.
There are 2.21 billion gamers with 454 million active viewers of eSports tournaments and growing at a phenomenal rate. One of the most drastic differences over the years is in the amount of time spent watching eSports videos, a consistent increase of 1 billion hours per year since 2012.
Current estimates suggest the sports match-betting industry is worth up to $625 billion a year, with eSports expanding from just $5.51 billion in 2016 to an estimated $12 billion in 2019 and a further $16 billion in 2020. But how does that compare to other popular betting sports? In 2018, 17.72m spectators watched the NBA basketball finals. The peak number of online spectators of the League of Legends championships in 2018 was 205 million fans! And if we compare Facebook followers of newly promoted West Ham FC established in 1895 (2.3m followers ), with those of the eSports team Fnatic (2.5m followers), the numbers speak for themselves.
However, operators (Betting sites / Sportsbooks) lack contextual betting, team/match data, content/community offerings, deep partnership engagements and more. The exciting thing is that there is a great opportunity to be in at the beginning of an emerging market, and the room for innovation is vast. Dragoni will fill that gap. The UK is the fifth largest gaming market, but is in its infancy in eSports, behind the US and Asia, so is ready for exponential growth.
As a licensed entity Dragoni will deliver a legal and safe betting environment with a fair pool betting system. Dragoni’s UK license is recognised globally as the ‘Gold Standard’ and will allow for the seamless expansion into other territories.