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Funding Required: $750,000
Equity Offered: %10

Dataeum is collaborative platform for data generation with high social impact. By bringing the sharing economy in the generation of local data, Dataeum solves the global issue regarding the online accessibility and accuracy of local data (stores, road sign, etc).
michael trajkovic


Revenue: Early stage revenues

Growth Stage:Upper Seed


The problem we're solving

Dataeum (dataeum.io) solves the global issue of accessibility and accuracy of physical data (such as stores, vending machines, road signs, etc). Indeed, only less than 30% of all global stores are currently displayed online and this, with a very low accuracy: in the US, at least 50% of the retailers with an online presence, propose at least one missing or one incorrect information (name, opening hours, geolocation, contact, photo, etc).

To answer it, Dataeum empowers individuals that get paid for collecting, verifying and actualizing this data through our mobile application. This innovative solution makes Dataeum as the most reliable source for physical data, able to collect 100% of physical data anywhere in the world, with a 100% accuracy. Once collected, this data is licensed to different types of market players that base their business model on the physical data accuracy (maps, online listing, local suppliers, AI, etc). The solution is already launched and partnerships are already signed with global data acquirers (maps, online listing, NGO).


Dataeum is a revolution, bringing the sharing economy to a new market with a strong social impact, offering attractive rewards for individuals in the world and this, while keeping the model highly profitable. Through its marketplace, Dataeum democratizes the accessibility to physical data for any players, local like global, and decentralizes this data ownership, enabling anyone to generate a passive income for its exploitation.