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Cubic Lease Ltd

Funding Required: £200000
Equity Offered: %15

Cubic Lease is an on-demand viewing service which assist agencies, landlords and owners list their property and have property viewings conducted for them. We use a self-viewing model which incorporates: location tracking, open banking and in-app video calls.
James Owusu


Revenue: I haven't made any money yet... still developing

Growth Stage:Pre Seed


The problem we're solving

Renters & Buyers’ viewing options are limited to the availability of estate agents and most see little to no value added from the presence of an agent during the viewing. They would like to be able to view properties without rearranging their day or week. They search for other properties as a result and dread the initial property finding process as a result of this viewings inefficiency.

Estate agents spend an average of £40,000 a month on viewings without any way of knowing if the person viewing the property can afford the rent. They have a high turnover of the viewing staff as these staff do not enjoy the process of conducting the viewings. The agencies struggle to get properties tenanted/sold as a result of these inefficiencies.

Landlords waste a lot of time conducting viewings with prospects without knowing if the person viewing the property can afford the rent. The landlords who list properties directly sometimes struggle to arrange viewings if they live further away from their buy to let properties.

The inefficiency in the property market and viewings currently is that the properties stay on the market for longer than desired. Landlords, sellers and estate agents lose time and money in the process.