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Mamma Bali

Funding Required: £150,000
Equity Offered: %

It is estimated that the total UK annual spend on alternative health treatments is £4.5 billion, the market continues to grow and we an opportunity to help Alternative therapists grow their practice through a booking and marketing online platform.
Carmella Sternberg


Revenue: I haven't made any money yet... still developing

Growth Stage:Seed


The problem we're solving

Problem worth solving
 Throughout the years’ western medicine has not yet found "direct" cures to illnesses despite advancement in technology.  What western medicine have continued to offered are drugs that alter body chemistry to counter undesirable symptoms rather than treat the illness, these prescription drugs are also costly, getting proper treatments is costly.
 Mamma Bali will present options in treatment to healing as alternative medicine encourages the body to be in a state of balance where it can heal itself.  By providing trusted and effective practitioners experts in their field of alternative therapies, we are confident that the person's journey towards healing will be treated in a holistic manner.  We will also encourage and support people towards health.

Our solutions

Making alternative medicine available to people at their fingertips through an online platform where they can find and book trusted and effective alternative therapists and choose their treatments, they will also have the option to choose where their treatment session will be held.
By providing a mobile application and user friendly website there will be no excuse for individuals to neglect self-care.
Provide a marketplace for wellness and alternative therapies
Management system for practitioners
Marketplace for top retreats and events
Curate wellness program/retreats for companies