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TeknTrash obtains data from trash.

Regular people register at our portal www.stipra.com and take pictures of their consumer products before throwing them in the trash.

Companies then register at webapp.stipra.com and consume that data, geolocating where their products ended up

Al Costa


Revenue: I haven't made any money yet... still developing

Growth Stage:Pre Seed


The problem we're solving

First of all, we don't "solve" problems, we CREATE them so we are the only ones able to solve it

Still, companies don´t know what happens with their products after they were sold to wholesalers. This, however, is the most important moment in the product´s history, as it is the time when it was actually used by the customer.

TeknTrash is a startup which uses AI to locate products at disposal sites and thus provide consumer data. We can then match that product to the sales history provided by the client to provide consumer use information.

This allow consumer product companies know their consumers better, avoid stock, use alternative plastics, resize better the packaging, focus their sales, know how long it took for the product to be consumed, and encourages people to recycle

We sent a proposal for 300K/year for ENEL in Italy and another for 158K for a major cola manufacturer in UK

We are fundraising and looking for a lead investor for our campaign at https://www.angelsden.com/investment-opportunities/p5410818179/