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It is estimated that the total UK annual spend on alternative health treatments is £4.5 billion, the market continues to grow and we an opportunity to help Alternative therapists grow their practice through a booking and marketing online platform.

Funding Required : £150,000
Equity Offered %

Constry is a comprehensive project management software solution that provides an exchange for real estate owners and contractors to communicate and collaborate, seamlessly managing the construction process all in one place.

Funding Required : £3000000
Equity Offered %30

Dataeum is collaborative platform for data generation with high social impact. By bringing the sharing economy in the generation of local data, Dataeum solves the global issue regarding the online accessibility and accuracy of local data (stores, road sign, etc).

Funding Required : $750,000
Equity Offered %10

Microbes. Microbes everywhere. They live around and inside us: the human microbiome, our own little ecosystem, plays a key role in our health. Yes, this microbial world is hard to access. At Biomathematica, we are unlocking the microbiome using AI to develop the therapeutics of tomorrow

Funding Required : £200000
Equity Offered %8